1: What advantages window shutters have over curtains?

Window shutters have plenty of benefits over curtains such as added privacy, thermal/sound insulation, and attractive looks. Also, window shutters are easy to maintain. Rather than washing curtains every month, you can clean window shutters with a simple wet cloth every day. But most importantly, window shutters look great in both home and office interiors and stay with you forever. They also increase your home’s resale value.

2: What are the functions of window shutters? What is special about your shutters?

Window shutters allow you to reduce noise, control light, improve insulation, and save energy while improving your home’s overall value. All of our plantation shutters are moisture resistant, flame retardant, and energy efficient.

3: What materials are used in making your window shutters?

Our plantation shutters are made with Poly-Core line which feature an internal aluminum frame for reinforcement which is baked on a paint finish. The color and shape of these window shutters can be customized as per your choice.

4: Does your window shutters come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our window shutters come with a 25-year warranty.

5: What are the payment methods available on Simply Shutters?

We accept all kinds of payment methods like Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Other financing options are also available.

6: Where do you provide your window shutter services?

We provide our products and services throughout Dallas, Texas. However, we can keep you updated whenever we expand our business in more geographical areas.

7: Can I use plantation shutters in my office?

Yes, you can. Our window shutters are ideal for both residential and commercial interiors. These shutters will help you create a private, attractive, and productive environment in your office.

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